Installation of improved technical facilities for further development of gas-bearing formations at the drilling process


  • M. M. Roi National University «Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic», 24, Pershotravneva Avenue, Poltava, 36011, Ukraine



drillable packer, rotary flush valve, trial operation.


As a result of developed new methods of researching gas wells for stationary and non-stationary gas inflows to the bottom of the well, a new prospect looms in one actually worked out study mode. It consists in the fact that research can be performed not only in cased wells. This, to a certain extent, brings the study closer to testing formations while drilling. Practically, this idea is still far from being realized. Although this does not mean that one should not strive to approach her. Indeed, such attempts are already known and they were successful for shallow well depths. These attempts have identified the needs and indicated the direction of improvement in terms of technological methods and technical means. The equipment quality itself also plays an important role. As deeper depths require better quality equipment. Because we can talk about unstable reservoirs and possible high pressures of gas products. Naturally, such problems should be addressed in a comprehensive manner. That is, both technological approaches and technical means to meet their needs shall be considered simultaneously. It is clear that it is impossible to take into account all these needs in one publication. Therefore, the goal was to touch upon the issue of improving technical means for the study of gas wells in the process of drilling. The quality of technical equipment shall satisfy the conditions of reliability not only when working in a high pressure environment. It should provide the ability to perform tasks assigned to the technical means on the one hand. On the other hand, to obtain reliable research results. Because the requirements for the actual data of one tested study mode are very high. Since the subsequent processing of the research data will provide an opportunity to obtain the gas-hydrodynamic parameters of studied formations. And on their basis, the question of productive characteristics and prospects of the objects under study will be decided. This publication proposes an improved drillable packer and flush lock-off valve as advanced equipment. They belong to the underground equipment complex. Together with other test equipment, they provide testing of gas-saturated formations in the trial operation mode.


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