Substantiating of investment decisions taking for the oil and gas industry enterprizes


  • В. М. Глібчук ПВНЗ «Галицька академія», 76006, м. Івано-Франківськ, вул. Вовчинецька, 227


investment decision, investment project, risk, efficiency, method.


Under conditions of market economy investments are the basis of enterprize developing. All investment forms
implamantation needs compulsory reasons and their efficiency definition. In the article investigational problems are
related to realization of the preinvestment stage of investment process. A concept “investment risk” and both internal
and external risk factors functioning, its influence was specified on taking investment decisions. Risk existence
has been established to constantly stimulate and push the subject to active search of the optimal variant of investments.
A risk degree has been analysed during realization of investment project during the protracted interval of
time and also the main principles of taking an investment decision by an enterprize. Investment projects analysis has
been made with considering the total combination of important moments forming the variety and typical sequence of
operations of projects developing and valuing, the expediency to calculate efficiency indices on different life cycle
stages, while investment project substantiating has been pointed out. The method of the substantiated taking of investment
decisions the use of which will enable enterprizes in good time to give up realization of uneffective investment
projects has been developed. Investment project is worth passing only in case if the expected profit ensures the
desirable for an enterprize level of investment profitableness in the limits of the appointed time.


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