Software support of production restructuring in quality management system of car service enterprise


  • L. А. Tarandushka CHERKASY STATE TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, 18006, Ukraine, Cherkasy, 460 Shevchenko Boulevard
  • N. L. Kostian Cherkasy State Technological University18006, Ukraine, Cherkasy, 460 Shevchenko Boulevard



quality management system, restructuring of car service enterprise, database model, ranking.


The paper describes automation means of the quality management system’s functions for the purpose of
optimization an autoservice enterprises (AE) activity. Activity of an enterprise can be explored at regional level, within the scope of an independent enterprise or structural unit and at the level of the certain select technological process. There is a relation between the levels. An important task is a modeling of enterprises activity at all levels. This research is performed at the enterprise PJSC “CHERKASSY-AUTO” in Cherkasy (Ukraine). This enterprise is included in “UkrAUTO” corporation. One of directions of an enterprise activity optimization is restructuring. For information support of the restructuring, a database model of the visual area in the UML notation has been created. The database consists of fourteen tables. The complex indicators of quality of services rendered at the enterprise are calculated. The location of the enterprise, quality estimation of completed services and their nomenclature were taken into account. The algorithms of selection optimal organization form of an enterprise are built for the subsystem of management quality system. The algorithms are implemented in visual development environment Delphi 7.0., supporting the concept of object-oriented programming. Technology of using a developed software package is
described step by step. Saving of the results of the survey of AE customers is additionally provided. The modules of Delphi project contain the subprograms, in which are used the method AHP of Saaty and graph theory methods. The results of subsystem approbation indicate the efficiency of developed algorithms. The developed software
complex gives an opportunity to get the forecast of the most frequently performed services, it can function both separately at the car service enterprises, and within the Intelligent Quality Management System (MIS) of AE.


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