№2(32), 2012

Версія для друку




The use of CNG technology for the gas supply of the Ukraine
Ye. I. Kryzhanivskyi

Container transportation of natural gas as an alternative way of solving problems of energy safety
O. M. Shendryk, M. I. Fyk

Features of calculation of CNG tanks unloading regeemes directly into the existing pipeline system
A. M. Susak

A study of influence of quaternary nitrogen containing connections on the speed of microbal corrosion of steel
M. S. Polutrenko

Geothermal energy utilization in Ukraine: opportunities and perspectives
U. Yu. Paliychuk

Research of aerotechnogenic pollution by industrial enterprises influence
I. O. Kamaieva, L. Y. Savchuk, Y. M. Semchuk, O. M. Lev, L. I. Kamaieva

Formalization of task relating to the research of influence of soils contamination on the environment
M. V. Krykhivskyi, D. F. Tymkiv, D. D. Matieshin


Analysis of computional procedures used for calculation of transit and transportation tariffs in the countries of EU and in Ukraine
M. P. Lynchevsky, O. E. Lutsyk, N. M. Lynchevska

Determination of "GTN-6" Gas turbine installations power and "N-6-56-2" compressors operating parameters using PC application and torsional type supplied power meter
O. D. Ivanov

Effect of uneven gas consumption on corrosion fatigue properties of welded pipes of main lines
O. S. Taraievskyi, S. J. Taraievskyi

Mathematical model of control and restoration applications providing on gas main pipeline
І. I. Ostapiuk

Scientific foundation of rationing of natural gas absorption dehydration costs
Ya. M. Demianchuk, F. V. Kozak

Features of tasks of block-ganged equipment optimal designing
О. V. Ivanov

Estimation of the environmental impact on the thermal-hydraulic calculations accuracy
V. B. Mykhalkiv, O. V. Mykhalkiv

Estimation of energy efficiency of gascompressor units in the gas compressor stations conditions
Ya. V. Hrudz

Evaluation of material balance in gas mains in unsteady gas consumption conditions
N. Ya. Drin, R. B. Stasiuk

The compressor plants reliability estimation of Compressor Station «Yamburgskaia» of gastransportation system «Gaspromtransgasyugorsk»
S. S. Rusan

Increase of the efficiency coefficient in small diameter gas pipelines with long terms of using
R. V. Кokhtiuk, V. R.Makoviak

The computer calculation of the gas pipeline basic parameters changes for improving the cleaning efficiency of pigs
О. P. Stashynskyi

Exploiting design of gas weld with hydro-sulfur contaminants
Т. A. Martyniuk, О. Т. Chernova

Standardization system as a guarantee of reliable, safe and effective operation of «Ukrtransgaz»
M. D. Ginzburg, A. M. Klun, I. O. Orlov, I. O. Trebulova


Remaining life of the long term operated oil pipelines accounting present corrosion defects and operating conditions
А. Ya. Zhdek, V. Ya. Hrudz

The impact of the wax accumulations on capacity of oil pipelines
J. V. Yakymiv

Kinematic researches of the improved construction of oil exploration equipment
S. V. Naslednikov

Mathematical model of formation the contaminations areal of oil pipeline leaks
V. V. Nikolaev

Research the influence of the storage period of high and low viscosity oil mixes on their physical and chemical properties
L. D. Pylypiv

Universal dependence between oil vapor pressure, phases composition and oil temperature
D. V. Lisafin, V. P. Lisafin


Estimation of retained strength of gas mains sections with defects
R. S. Savula, E. V. Kharchenko, A. O. Kychma

Inequality of pipes. Calculation of additional tensions from the internal pressure
І. V. Oryniak, I. V. Lokhman, V. V. Stypura, A. V. Bohdan, S. О. Оkhrimchuk

Problems and prospects of pipeline leaks determination
N. M. Zapukhliak, A. М. Мarchuk, V. B. Zapukhliak, I. I. Lukashevych

Problems and prospects of offshore oil and gas pipelines construction
Ya. V. Doroshenko, Yu. I. Doroshenko, Т. P. Shyian

Problems and prospects of disable pipelines salvage considering the ecological aspects of hydrocarbon energy carriers transportation
О. M. Bortniak, М. P. Shkolnyi, R. S. Varyk

Method of calculation of pipeline vertical displacement during its coating replacement in mountain areas
Yu. H. Melnychenko


The adiabatic efficiency of the turbine during its diagnostic
D. V. Kondratiev

Analysis of failures and accidents of "Lvivtransgaz" gas mains and applications for their prevention
Yu. V. Ilnytskyi

Diagnostics of compressors of gas-compressor units using their present working performance
М. P. Voznіak, Т. V. Yurchylo

Experience and problems of estimation the structure and mechanical properties degradation for pipeline steels
V. D. Myndiuk, М. О. Karpash, Ye. R.Dotsenko

Prediction of tensions rate in the wall of pipes with defects based on the results of intelligent pig inspection
V. Т. Bolonnyi, L. I. Melnyk

Forming the indexes structure for the diagnostic of gas transportation system objects on the basis of using the methodology of merit function development
Yu. V. Volikhovskyi, Т. G. Boiko